Blood Tube Yellow Serum Seperator 6ml : 100ct

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Neogen Serum Separator Tubes have a yellow top and indicated for laboratory use in general chemistries, serology and toxicology procedures. Does not contain any additives; latex-free. Contains an inert acrylic gel barrier which separates the serum and the blood cells. Shatter-resistant blood collection tubes with vacuum seal and white label for animal identification. Sterile—best for livestock and small animal veterinary diagnostic use.

Draw blood from animal with needle and syringe, insert the needle in the center of stopper (do not remove stopper). Gently and slowly inject blood into blood collection tube. Avoid injecting blood too fast as it can cause damage to the blood cells. Invert tube 5 times and allow for clotting time before placing in centrifuge. Centrifuge to separate serum from blood cells.