Cotran Blitz Captive Bolt Stunner Kit 35-310 Kit



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The Blitz captive bolt stun gun is the most powerful on-farm stunner available in its category. It is a heavy-duty device compiled of first class raw materials. Built tough in Germany, the Blitz can withstand the rugged farm conditions with its nickel coating.This stunner loads a 9mm centerfire blank cartridge producing high velocity penetration. ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

Centerfire cartridges can hold higher pressures than rimfire cartridges making them more powerful and more efficient.
Simple design and fewer internal parts lead to a highly efficient product that is affordable and easy to maintain. The BLITZ doesn’t need any fancy mechanisms, just powerful cartridges and proper maintenance.


  • Blitz unit
  • 8 ounce Hoppes solvent
  • Three boxes of 50 blank cartridges
  • Cleaning brushes
  • One set of spare parts:
    • Rubber buffer & bolt spring

*Note: Also included in the case is a set of instructions related to standard cleaning and how to use!
Make sure to carefully read all documents before using units

**Regular maintenance is very important in keeping your unit clean and effective. This is why we developed a package that will help uphold the velocity of your stunner! **High velocity is the key to an effective stunner*