Bite Free Stable Fly Trap

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Scientifically proven to attract and kill disease-carrying stable flies without insecticides, so they're safe to use around stables, cattle barns, poultry farms, kennels, restaurants or homes and gardens. A 360-degree trapping surface that holds 8,000 flies. Disposable and weatherproof.

Features & Benefits:

  • Holds more flies than other sticky traps with no fly trap odor
  • Disposable – when full, just throw away
  • Weatherproof – special adhesive won't melt or wash away
  • Compact Size – offers a 360° trapping surface that can hold 8,000 flies
  • Ideal for use around stables, cattle ranches, poultry operations, kennels, restaurants, home and garden
  • Insecticide-Free

Control Tips:

  • Position between livestock and resting/breeding areas
  • For best results, place in a line; one trap every 20'
  • Place in direct sunlight
  • Reusable; rinse off dirt or debris

Instructions For Use:

  1. Remove trap from box by the black end caps. Do not touch the clear mid-section-it is covered with sticky adhesive.
  2. Place trap in direct sunlight preferably 10 feet away from structures.
  3. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For Best Results:

Set trap up to 4 feet off the ground, in the Biting Fly Zone. Place it in a highly visible spot where stable flies can easily see the trap. Keep trap clear of grass and other vegetation.

Place traps outside of horse paddocks, livestock pens and kennels where animals and children won`t disturb them.

Stable flies of ten lurk in trees, weeds, bushes and fence lines near their hosts. Open areas near these hiding spots make good trap locations. In large open areas, space traps every 50-100 feet.

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