Biotin 100 : 50lb



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Biotin 100: 50lb

Biotin 100 is a source of biotin for use in the daily ration of livestock & horses. Contains 100 mg of d-biotin per pound. Improves the general condition of the hoofs, skin and hair coat and during periods of stress. Powder

Deficiency in Biotin will also result in reduced growth, dermatitis, fatty liver and foot lesions, and reduced reproductive performance in dairy cattle. Special order item, allow 2 to 3 weeks shipping time.


Palatable biotin feed supplement for horses


Indications: For use as a dietary supplement in horses.


Feeding Directions: The usual amount for a 1,100 pound (500 kg) horse is 2 heaping measures daily. The amount for ponies is one measure daily. Top dress or mix with the daily ration. One heaping measure of Biotin-100 weighs approximately 1.2 ounces and contains 7.5 mg of D-Biotin.


Administration: To facilitate proper adhesion of Biotin-100 to the ration, slightly moisten the grain with water or liquid supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Per Pound


100 mg

Ingredients: D-Biotin, rice hulls, calcium carbonate, and mineral oil.