Basting Kit - Syringe

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Prepare meat for grilling, baking, broiling, smoking, and pan frying. Ideal for beef, pork, poultry, and wild game. Pre-packaged syringe with 12 gauge 3" stainless steel needle. Recipe card included.

Instructions for Use:

As often as possible, use one centered injection site on small cuts of meat. Use two or more on larger pieces, at opposite ends of the cut.  The fewer injection holes in your meat, the less the marinade can escape.

For meats with skin, gently lift a small piece of the skin and inject through the meat, not through the skin, This helps retain the marinade during cooking.

Fully insert needle into meat, but do not puncture through the chest cavity or through the opposite side of the cut of meat. Remember:  The thinner the piece is, the more angle you must use when inserting the needle.

Slowly withdraw the needle as your slowly depress the plunger.  This will evenly distribute marinade throughly the meat.

Do not completely remove the needle. Stop only when the point reaches just underneath the outer skin.  Angle the needle point toward another direction in the cut of meat.  Fully insert the needle again and following the same basting process.  Do this three or four times, or until your cut of meat is basted to your satisfaction.

For food use only.

Tips:  Need to decrease the fat content?  Substitute an equal amount of broth for oil in your recipe.  Spray pan with no-stick spray when cooking or baking.

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to use our handy Basting Kit!

Marinades add flavor as well as moisture to every cut of any type of meat. Our Basting Kit is a handy way to put the marinade where it can do the most good….inside the meat Quick, reliable results…takes just minutes rather than waiting hours.

What does our Kit have over the competition?

Very large bore needle allows even large spices to pass—prevents clogging and extra cleaning

Extremely sharp point penetrates even tough meats to inject flavorful, tenderizing marinade


Marinade Suggestions:

Choose a pre-mixed marinade, or experiment with your own.

Pour a portion of the marinade in a separate container for one-time use, this saves your original marinade from any food contamination.


Prepare Your Basting Kit;

Caution:  Needle is extremely Sharp! Keep away from children.

Always pre-wash your Kit (syringe and needle) the first time you use it.

After every use, be sure to wash and sanitize your kit.

Between uses, lubricate the rubber plunger before storing the Kit.  A light coat of vegetable oil works well.