AquaVet Stock Tank Algaecide : 32oz

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AquaVet Stock Tank Algaecide from Durvet is a treatment for killing floating, submerged, and planktonic algae in stock tanks. It has a 30 day residual suspension using Stabitrol technology to aid in control of Algae. 'Take time to read Complete Label before use'


  • Spring application.
  • 30 day residual suspension using Stabitrol technology to aid in control of Algae
  • Wait 7-10 days between treatments.
  • Re-treatment during season will be needed.

This pesticide istoxicto fish and aquaticinvertebrates. Waterstreated with this product may be hazardous to aquatic organisms. Treatment of aquatic weeds and algae can result in oxygen lossfrom decomposition of dead algae and weeds. This oxygen loss can cause fish and invertebrate suffocation. To minimize this hazard, do not treatmore than½of thewater bodyto avoid depletion of oxygen due to decaying vegetation. Wait at least 10 to 14 days between treatments. Begin treatment along the shore and proceed outwardsin bands to allow fish to move into untreated areas. Consult with the State or local agency with primary responsibilityfor regulating pesticides before applying to publicwaters, to determine if a permit isrequired. Certain water conditions including low pH (≤6.5), low dissolved organic carbon (DOC) levels (3.0 mg/L or lower), and “soft” waters (i.e., alkalinity less than 50 mg/L), increases the potential acute toxicity to non-target aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash waters (See disposal instructions). Consult yourlocal State Fish andGameAgency before applying this productto publicwaters. Permitsmay be required before treating such waters.

Potable Water: For applications in waters destined for use as drinking water, those waters must receive additional and separate potablewatertreatment.Do not applymore than 1.0 ppmasmetalliccopperin these waters. Do not allow water containing in excess of 1 ppm copper derived from AquaVet Algae Control to flow into any water to be used as potable water. Terrestrial Plants: Do not apply this product in its concentrated form directly to any crop plants, grass, or ornamental plants asinjury mayresult

Not safe for ruminants or companion animals