Woolover Ultra Calf Covers 70lbs to 99lbs Small



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Woolover Ultra Calf Covers are an advanced, unique, high-performance calf blanket that helps calves grow quicker and more efficiently. It also helps prevent scours and respiratory diseases, because it keeps calves' body temperature constant. Made from a wool rich fabric with Emphatex™ waterproof Teflon coated outer. Three sizes available ensures each individual animal can be correctly fitted. 

The outer coating results in an absorbent, breathable, washable and durable cover ensuring a warm dry cow in the harshest of conditions. 

Small - fits 70 to 99 pound calves
Medium - fits 100 to 120 pound calves
Large - fits 120 pound plus calves


  • The Woolover Ultra gives you Emphatex, a waterproof outer shell, with the original Woolover underneath, for proven warmth and protection.
  • Together, they repel wet, cold and windy weather more effectively, so calves stay drier.
  • Emphatex also adds four times greater strength to the Woolover Ultra, helping it keep its shape calf after calf.
  • When a calf's body temperature rises, the membranes in Emphatex expand.
  • Like wool, this outer shell breathes, allowing excess heat vapors to escape while further reducing interior condensation.
  • Calves wearing the Woolover Ultra retain their natural body heat and expend less energy trying to stay warm. Instead, they convert energy to growth.


To fit a calf, simply slip the cover over the calf's head, draw the front legs through the holes and rear legs through the straps, then fasten the Velcro stomach strips. It takes only seconds to do.

With normal use and dry storage these covers should last for 5 seasons.