Vetone Cal-Evate Boluses : 12ct

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 Vetone Cal-Evate Bolus is an oral calcium and Vitamin D supplement for freshening cows, with fast and sustained release of calcium.  Cal-Evate contains two readily available calcium salts.  It contains Calcium chloride that is rapidly absorbed and Calcium sulfate that provides a sustained release of calcium.  Calcium chloride and calcium sulfate are anionic salts that promote PTH function for optimal absorption.  Cal-Evate has a double waxy triglyceride coating to safely protect the esophagus and for easy swallowing.  Cal-Evate is proven to dissolve quickly in solution and the bolus dissolves within 30 minutes, making the calcium readily available to cow.  Vitamin D3 aids in calcium absorption and metabolism.  Also manufactured in a GMP+ certified facility.

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