Udderly EZ Milker for Cow



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The most efficient hand-operated milking product on the market today. The superior performance and reliability provides for the extraction of milk and colostrum for either immediate feeding or storage.

Please note: Unfortunately, because of Biosecurity reasons and appropriate veterinary policy, the manufacturer prevents us from permitting returns for any reason. No Exceptions! Please order carefully.

The safest and most effective milk and colostrum collection device available today for cattle. This device comes equipped with 1 quart bottle & 1 Pint , pints, Qts and new 8 oz. bottles are now available.

The safest and most effective large domestic and exotic animal milk and colostrum collection device available. It can be used on horses of all sizes, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, zebras, camels and miniature cows.



  1. Always clean off the bag and teats on all animals before using the Udderly EZ. 
  2. Squeeze the teat and remove the wax plug. 
  3. Manually strip each teat at least twice to get a good flow of milk started. 
  4. Place the cylinder directly over the teat and gently lift the pump unit against the udder. 
  5. Squeeze the handle at least 2-3 times; this will start the vacuum seal process, locking the unit onto the mother's udder. (You may want to hold bottle with free hand until sealed). 
  6. As soon as the milk flow starts, stop pumping! When the flow slows or stops, start pumping again. You may need to repeat this sequence 3-4 times. When the flow stops, or you have collected an appropriate amount of liquid, stop and go to the next teat. 
  7. To release the vacuum on the pump, push bottle backwards toward hand trigger to release vacuum lock. Do not pull pump off udder. 
  8. The first milking will generally collect between 8-12 ounces, although this may vary with each animal species or breed. 
  9. If the mother does not let her milk down immediately, you may have to massage her udder gently to get the flow started. 
  10. Do not overfill the collection bottle; only fill to the indicated line on the bottle. Never tilt pump backwards. This will allow the milk or colostrum to run into the air intake hole and damage the diaphragm in the pump. 
  11. If you have the Silicone Insert inside the Retractor you must either take it off or unscrew the bottle before pouring out milk or colostrum. IT WILL GET INTO THE PUMP! 
  12. Pour the collected milk or colostrum into a feeding bottle and apply nipple or cap and freeze for your colostrum bank.  
  13. Final step - feeding the animal "mother's first milk" .