Udder Singe 28" Wand with 15ft Hose with Cart



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Udder Singe is the safe and painless way to remove hair from udders and bellies. Hair can trap dirt and manure making a perfect environment for bacteria and adversely affecting milk quality. Cleaner udders can help shorten prep time reduce mastitis and lower bacteria counts including somatic cell bacteria and coliform. Singeing is recommended by veterinarians and dairy scientists to improve dairy sanitation.Udder Singe with Cart connects to a standard 20 lb. propane tank (not included) and produces a low-temperature flame. Hair is eliminated with a quick pass of the wand without causing any discomfort to the cow. Udder Singe with Cart includes 28" wand 15' hose connector valve regulator striker and heat resistant glove. Cart adds convenience especially in large parlors with many cows to treat.