Warp Brothers Silage Cover Round 16'

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This original 3 mil round silo cover is  made of heavy-duty Coverall, the best polyethylene for agricultural use. It Enhances  fermentation and prevents spoilage of silage in round upright silos.  Covers are 2 feet larger then actual silo size to ensure proper seal. Full weight black, sun-resistant plastic silage covers are not affected by moisture or fumes.

Each easy-to-handle, reusable cover is individually packaged with full instructions included.

Fits a 14" Silo

Warp Bros. is a premier U.S. manufacturer of Genuine, Top Quality extruded polyethylene plastic sheeting, acrylic safety glazing, storm window materials, drop cloths, lawn & garden plastic products, trash can liners, over sized storage bags, ribbed floor runner and ribbed shelf liner for the home and industry.