Quick Lift Complete Cow Lifter

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 Quick-Lift Cow Lifter features are – simplicity of use, ease of use, big 50mm-o.d. pipe is comfortable fit for cow pin bones, high strength and light weight. The Quick-Lift is simply slipped onto the pin bones and ratcheted tight with a few quick strokes on the ratchet lever. If the cow needs to be released quickly, the ratchet lever is simply pulled down – just like normal load tie-downs, and the clamp instantly opens. Quick, easy, no fuss. No handle to lose, or spindle to damage or bend. Replacement ratchet assembly is available (complete with strap) and is easily fitted.

Easy Cow Lifter can lift a large cow using loader arms or hay forks, making it a simple and quick one-person operation. Hooks are strong and zinc plated for durability. Sling is made of heavy-duty PVC with reinforced polyester webbing straps. The width of the sling helps to ensure there are no pressure points. Crossed straps placed behind the udder and under the tail provide full support, allowing the cow to remain in the sling comfortably. The sling can be used to transport a cow to the barn. Complete Easy Cow Lifter includes sling, transport bag, hooks, gambrels and instructions. Weight 21 lbs

Quick-Lift Cow Lifter is a hip-lift featuring a new design with a simple ratchet lever system and quick release mechanism. This product is made out of a lightweight, but high strength material, making it the ideal choice for cow comfort when it comes to hip lifts. When producers choose Quick-Lift Cow Lifter they will be able to easily implement a down cow protocol with improved safety, easy to use technology and increased comfort for the cow.