Pneu Dart 190B Air Pistol 190B Air Pistol


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Pneu Dart's short-range projector is the answer for an inexpensive emergency-type projector. Not recommended for darts over 3cc. Pneu-Dart tranquilizer guns are engineered for versatility, functionality and safety. The rifles and pistols are expertly crafted to handle short and long-range targets with ease and accuracy. Model 190B

Model 190B Specifications

  • Stock and Action – Benjamin Sheridan
  • Overall Length – 13 1/2″
  • Dart Barrel – .50 caliber Smooth Bore
  • Sights – Open
  • Weight – 3 Ibs.
  • Range – 5 to 50 feet with 1 cc Type ‘P’ disposable darts controlled by number of strokes when pumping air into gun and knurled power control knob on valve on bolt. Minimum – 3 pump; Maximum – 8 pumps.


Manual for 176B, 178B, 179B, 190B