Moocall Calving Sensor



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Moocall is a tail mounted calving sensor that enables a cow to send you an sms text alert approximately 1 hour before she calves. Moocall will detect & record her activity to determine when she will most likely calf. Then they send an SMS alert to up to 2 phones to ensure that you can be present when calving occurs, usually about 1 hour prior to calving. Works anywhere with a GSM signal.  

Moocall is a tail mounted motion sensor. It measures tail movement to accurately predict the onset of calving. All the customer needs to do is activate their device either online or by phoning Moocall. Then simply charge the device overnight, turn it on by holding the power button for 4 seconds and put it on the cows tail opposite the vulva. Important not to put it over tight on the tail.

New style 3G.

You activate your device at

The data, unlimited texts, software updates and support for one year are included in the price of the unit. After the year is up the charge for the  annual fee to cover data, software, service and support costs is $136.00 annually. This charge is payable annually and there is no charge for the first year. 

WWhat's Included:

  • One 3G Moocall Sensor - shipped unactivated.
  • Free Shipping to the USA
  • 12 Months of data, software, updates, and support for the sensor (USD $136 payable annually after year 1) which begins from date of activation
  • 12 Months of warranty on the electronics which begins from date of activation
  • Access to 'MyMoocall' - a dashboard to monitor alerts, battery status and easily control phone numbers associated with your device. Also FREE mobile apps which include device management, herd management and community support.
  • Power cord with US and international plug adaptors for recharging (up to 60 day battery life)
  • Longer strap for cows and heifers with larger tails
  • Quick Start Guide