Pajik Fence Stretcher



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The Pajik Fence Stretcher allows you to pull wire as tight as needed while you fasten the wire to a post. Can be used with cattle, goat, and general woven wire fencing when the tension becomes slack on old fencing. Assembles in seconds without tools, so you can quickly begin pulling woven wire evenly  without destroying it. Price includes shipping within the US.

Comes with a 48" pull rod. can be used with a truck or tractor.

Makes fencing projects quicker and more simple. Frame is powder-coated; some parts are zinc-coated. Made of #1 steel. Designed for fence pulling only.

When you order the PAJIK Fence Stretching System, you will receive:

  • 48″ Unit (pulls 38″ to 50″ rods)
  • 48″ Pull Rod (or desired rod size)
  • Hooks
  • Clamps