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*Rx* Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

Each ml contains 250 mcg cloprostenol. For intramuscular use to induce luteolysis in beef and dairy cattle.

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Prostaglandin Analogue for Cattle

Equivalent to 250 mcg cloprostenol/mL

Estrumate® (cloprostenol sodium) is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue structurally related to prostaglandin F2α(PGF2α). Each mL of the colorless aqueous solution contains 263 mcg of cloprostenol sodium (equivalent to 250 mcg of cloprostenol) in a sodium citrate, anhydrous citric acid and sodium chloride buffer containing 0.1% w/v chlorocresol BP as a bactericide. pH is adjusted, as necessary, with sodium hydroxide or citric acid.


Estrumate causes functional and morphological regression of the corpus luteum (luteolysis) in cattle. In normal, nonpregnant cycling animals, this effect on the life span of the corpus luteum usually results in estrus 2 to 5 days after treatment. In animals with prolonged luteal function (pyometra, mummified fetus, and luteal cysts), the induced luteolysis usually results in resolution of the condition and return to cyclicity. Pregnant animals may abort depending on the stage of gestation.


For intramuscular use to induce luteolysis in beef and dairy cattle. The luteolytic action of Estrumate can be utilized to manipulate the estrous cycle to better fit certain management practices, to terminate pregnancies resulting from mismatings, and to treat certain conditions associated with prolonged luteal function.

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