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Vet Life - Controlled release implant provides an effective daily dose of estradiol for suckling steers, pastured growing steers, and finishing steers and heifers for 400 days. Each Encore silicone rubber implant contains 43.9 mg estradiol and is coated with not less than 0.5 mg of oxytetracycline powder as a local antibacterial. Implant guns must be purchased separately!

For subcutaneous ear implantation in steers and heifers only. Implant time: suckling steers: at castration or later; pasture steers: at weaning; finishing steers and heifers: at arrival to feedlot. For increased rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers; for improved feed efficiency and increased rate of weight gain in confined steers and heifers. Do not use in veal calves. Effectiveness and animal safety in veal calves have not been established. No withdrawal.


This product is approved for use in cattle only. Attempts to use the product in any other a manner violate federal, state, and local laws. By purchasing this product you agree to use this product in the manner for which is intended and in accordance with the label instructions. Failure to follow label instructions are beyond the control of Heritage Animal Health and are, therefore, the responsibility of the buyer.


Insert one implant under the skin of the ear as directed n the link below.

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