EMT Gel Wound Care : 1oz

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EMT Gel Would Care provides natural natural collagen that provides the building block matrix for new cell growth. Collagen is a fibrous protein found in connective tissue, muscles, skin, bone, ligaments and cartilage. EMT Gel supplies nutritive protein directly to the wound site.

Collagen provides the matrix for new cell growth. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces the potential of scarring. 

EMT™ Gel is an essential part of any first aid kit. EMT™ Gel is easy to handle and conforms to any wound site. EMT™ Gel reduces bleeding, reduces pain as well as soothing and deodorizing the wound. EMT™ Gel can be used on both large and small animals. EMT™ Gel is safe, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. 

EMT™ Gel is an all-natural gel containing only a natural medical hydrolysate Type I collagen as its active ingredient. It interacts with the wound site maintaining a moist environment that encourages wound healing. EMT™ Gel is indicated for the management of chronic and acute wounds, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, burns, skin lesions, other general dermatologic conditions. 

EMT™ Gel can be used for the safe management of wounds caused by 
* scratches from other animals 
* barbed wire cuts 
* gunshot wounds (hunting accidents) 
* clipping nicks 
* farm machinery accidents 
* heat injuries 
* dry pad cracks 
* surgical incisions and more