Conquer Equine Gel 60ml tube : 6ds



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Conquer Equine Gel is a oral Hyaluronic Acid joint supplement for horses. HA is a natural substance that helps maintain normal, healthy joints. Conquer Equine is suitable for all breeds, sports and uses for horses to support joint health and flexibility.It can be used alone or in conjunction with glucosamine supplements. 60 ml tube = 6-10 ml doses, with 100 mg sodium hyaluronate per 10 ml dose.

New award winning study (Equine Veterinary Journal, July 2006) showed Conquer reduced swelling. Conquer was reviewed by the Horse Journal as an alternative to costly injections of hyaluronic acid. Highly concentrated apple flavored oral hyaluronic acid gel for joint health and lubrication. All natural and safe, it can be used in a daily maintenance dose for acute or chronic joint conditions, and as an alternative or in conjunction with injectable hyaluronic acid products.