Callicrate PRO Bander Kit w/Cutter Green : 25ct bands

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The Callicrate PRO Bander loops/bands are used with the NEW Callicrate PRO Bander from No Bull Enterprises. The loops are bright green to help the user verify the loop is secured and placed properly. There is no wrong way to load the loop and loops are larger for easier application. Available in 25ct or 100ct.

Availbale as a Kit. The Callicrate PRO Bander Kit is a high quality tool from No Bull used for humane non-surgical castration. It works well on any size bull (300 lbs – 3000 lbs). The PRO Bander is lighter weight and easier to use than the previous Callicrate bander. Kit includes: bander, storage case, 5 loops, and cutter.


  • Durable pull strap
  • Light, sleek, easy to use
  • No crimping
  • Large loop opening makes placement easy
  • Easy to see bright Green loops
  • 360 degree tension indicator
  • No 'wrong' way to load the loop