Buck A Long Baby Colt Lead



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The Buck-A-Long teaches foals to keep their hindquartes aligned with their head, and encourages forward movement as they learn to lead. This makes trailer loading stress-free and quick, and corrects a tendency to walk sideways away from the handler…which is not only unsafe, but unattractive if the horse is going to sale. Close Out - 1 left

Instructions for Use:

Step 1. Snap the end snap (A) into the first thimble (B). Adjust the length of the rope to fit over the rump, just above the hocks, and then lengthen it so that the snap and the first thimble are at the top of the withers. Tighten the screw (A) against the rope.


Step 2. Put the end of the rope under the jaw and thru the halter as shown. Adjust the thimble and snap it in the front of the bottom ring on the halter and tighten the thimble screw (A) again. (Note: It will be pulling on the rump and at the same time keeping the head straight and in line with the body of the animal.)


Step 3. To release the Buck-Along, unhook the head snap first and let the animal move forward and pull the end of the rope back thru the halter and they will walk out of the butt loop.


Always secure the thimble down tight against the rope when you make any adjustments!

Every effort has been made to instruct, educate and explain The Buck-Along Training system. If you have any questions about this product or if you are ever in doubt about its suitability for your purpose, CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN.


The Buck-Along is a unique training tool made from quality 5/8” nylon rope with heavy duty brass and stainless steel hardware for years of use. It allows the handler to have full control of the animal and at the same time keeping the head aligned with the body and applying equal pressure on the front and rear end of the animal simultaneously. It adjusts in size as the foal grows and can be used on all breeds and species of animals. It is designed so you are always snapped up to the animal even if the rope slides off the rump, giving you control.