Jorgy Bird Restrainer -Auspex J-381B : Medium



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Medium - Conures, Small Amazons


Extremely easy to use!

Designed for the temporary restraint of avian animals.

Simply fold the flat restrainer to form a truncated cone shape, and rapidly place over the bird. Most birds pop out the smaller opening of the restrainer. The restrainer is indispensable for various treatments, including examinations, administering oral medication or food, injections, working with legs, feet, or clipping nails.

Congratulations!  You now have the means to restrain your bird with ease for various treaments.  The auspex avian restrainer helps to minimize stress to a bird being restrained, and thereby reduces the risks of injury to the bird, as well as the caretaker.  When properly applied, the restrainer inflicts no pain and causes little discomfort to the bird.  The animal generally stays fairly calm during treatment, being largely preoccupied with the restrainer.

Most bird owners are aware that it can take a great deal of time and effort to tame a bird and to gain its confidence.  A few sessions of rough handling can result in severe psychological damage to the bird, and completely undo the bonding between the bird and its owner.  Such bonding can take months, if not years to develop, and every effort must be made to preserve it.  The Auspex restriner is an indispensable tool for pet bird owners when confronted with the need to restrain their birds for treatment.  The restrainer provides a humane and effective method of temporarily restraining a bird for treatments such as examinations, the administering of oral medicine and food, injections, the application oor removal of leg bands, and the clipping of nails.  The restriner comes in several standard sizes, which can accommodate most types of birds.

Athough the Auspex avian Restrianer is made of hygienic materials and can be easily cleaned, it is recvommended that a different restrainer be used for each bird, so as to eliminate the risk of transfer of diseases.

Directions for use:

1)  Choose a restrainer of appropriate size for the bird to be restrained. 

2)  Fold the restrainer into a truncated cone shape until the ends overlap, and engage the velcro fastern strips at the overlapped ends, Fold with the side having the hook-type velcro fastener strips facing outwards.  The size of the folded restrainer, and the relative sizes of its two openings are adjustable.  If necessary, undo and re-fold until it fits the bird comfortably.  the smaller top opening should be considerably larger than the head of the bird, such that the bird's head can pass through it very easily.  The bottom opening should of course be large enough to accommodate the birds body.

3)  The restrainer is held by hand above the birds head, with the larger opening facing downwards, and quickly placed over the bird.  Gently push down until the birds head emerges from the smaller top opening, This is a relatively easy step, since most birds have the natural tendency to poke their heads out of the top opening.  The loop-type rear supporting strap is then placed around the bottom of the bird and fastened to the corresponding hook-type strips (which are attached on the sides of the restrainer.  Now the restrained bird can be placed on a tabletopm, or held in any orientation as desired for the intended treatment.

4) The restrainer is to be removed from the bird once treatment is completed.  To remove, simply undo the near supporting strap and lift from the bird, If desired, the restrainer can be completely undone by pulling apart the engaged VELCRO fasteners which are holding the cone together.   It is recommended that the restainer by returned to its flat form for easy storage.