Biozide Gel Wound Dressing : 20oz



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Biozide Gel from Performance Products is a topical fungicidal-bactericidal wound dressing containing 1% iodine. It is indicated for topical anti-infective treatment of wounds, cuts, ulcers, abrasions, and postoperative wound protection. The special gel formula is non-staining and non-irritating, and simple to use. 20oz.


  • Iodine Based Product
  • (contains 1% Available Iodine)
  • Promotes Faster Healing
  • Let's Wounds Breathe
  • Will Not Melt or Run Off
  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial
  • High Level of Efficacy
  • Is Usable with or without Bandage

Directions for Use:
Wounds - cleanse wound with soap and water. Dry with clean towel or gauze. Apply BIOZIDE GEL directly on the cleansed wound with a spatula or piece of gauze. Bandage over wound if desired. If necessary, change dressing several times daily.

For deep or puncture wounds, use as directed by veterinarian. If redness, irritation, or swelling increases, discontinue use and reconsult veterinarian.

Active Ingredient:
10% polvinylpyrrolidone-iodine complex supplying 1.0% available (active) iodine in a water washable hydrogel base.

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