Albon Bolus 15gm : 50ct

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A convenient dosage form of sulfadimethoxine to be used in the treatment of foot rot, bacterial pneumonia, shipping fever and calf diphtheria in cattle. It is a rapidly absorbed, long-acting sulfonamide.

Initial dose (15gm): 1 bolus per 600 lbs. body weight each subsequent daily dose. 1/2 bolus per 600 pounds body weight. Treatment should not be continued beyond five days.


Albon Boluses, 15 g


Dosage Schedule for Cattle: 600-1,200 lb of body weight


Animal Weight, lb

First Day

Daily for the Following 3-4 Days


1 bolus

1/2 bolus


1 1/2 boluses

1 bolus


2 boluses

1 bolus


7 day slaughter withdrawal. 60 hour milk withdrawal. Not for use in calves to be processed for veal.