Prescription Policy & Procedure

Prescription products are NOT For Sale in AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, ID, ME, MD, MA, NV, NH, NM, OR, PA, RI, UT, VT, VA or WA


Thanks for visiting the prescription (Rx) area of the Livestock Concepts website.

We welcome you to place your prescription order online via our website or by phone.  However, Federal Law requires prescription (Rx) drugs to be restricted for the use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.  To have your order fully processed and filled, your veterinarian will need to provide our fulfillment warehouse a prescription for the medication(s) you would like to order.

This can be accomplished in three ways:

By fax from your veterinarian:

Your veterinarian may fax (970-347-3650) the prescription from their office complete with their license and phone #.

By phone from your veterinarian:

Your veterinarian may call in your prescription (800-458-4439 Ask for Pharmacy-Ext 3149) 8 am - 5 pm Central Time, Monday-Friday.  Your veterinarian may leave the pharmacist a voice message after hours.

By mail:

You or your veterinarian may mail the original written prescription to:
Livestock Concepts Prescription Rx Program
1117 West Main Street
Manchester, IA 52057

                       Click link for   Mail-in/Fax Prescription Form

If you would like to place an order before your veterinarian calls or faxes the prescription, you may do so.  Our customer service representative will place the order on hold until the prescription is received.  Once the prescription is received, the order will be released.

 Thank you for shopping with us.


•   Please remember, we are unable to accept returned prescription (Rx) drugs due to federal and state laws.

•   Prescriptions are refillable, if indicated, for up to one year from the date on which they were written or per veterinarian instructions.  After that time, your veterinarian will need to authorize a new prescription (Rx). 

•   We cannot solicit prescriptions on your behalf from your veterinarian.  Please contact your veterinarian directly.

•   Attention Dairy Producers:  Our prescription labeling complies with the "Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Directives".


When authorizing a prescription (Rx) whether written or by phone, please include:

•   Client name, address, phone

•   Species of animal

•   Medication name , strength, doses

•   Directions, cautionary statements, withdrawal times and refill instructions

•   Date of prescribing and prescription expiration date 

As the prescribing veterinarian, please include your

•   Name, address, phone

•   License #, and expiration date

As a veterinarian/pharmacist, if you wish to purchase for your own supply, you may use this Mail-in/Fax Prescription Form (click on the link) and fill in your name as the customer.